When is a scarf not just a scarf? Where to buy, how to tie and storage tips.

Towards the end of summer I often hear friends talking of looking forward to getting out their ankle boots or opaque tights, for me I cant wait to get my scarves out. How I love them, and therefore unsurprisingly have a rather extensive collection. As I mentioned in my post about getting ready in a hurry I find that a great scarf can really brighten up any outfit, they take two seconds to put on and there is always one for every budget.

Here are the top four scarves in my wardrobe:


1. Zara Check – Zara is great for scarves and this was a bloggers favourite from last year. This review is short and sweet, this scarf ticked my two most important scarf boxes: first and most obviously colour, its got lots of colours woven in to it so can be worn with so many different colour combinations and secondly size, this scarf is massive it easily wraps my neck twice and its width means it comes up to my ears, perfect for those chilly days. I also think a large scarf looks more stylish than its thinner more traditional counterparts.




I would say that Zara is now my first choice shop when looking for a scarf, further on i’ll list my top picks from them this season.

2. Mulberry woodland – this was a thirtieth birthday present from my husband. Mulberry scarves can be hideously expensive but if you visit their outlet stores they can be picked up at more reasonable prices, Bicester village has a great selection but their Shepton Mallet store more so. This scarf’s cost per wear is probably about 1p now as it is so easy to throw on whatever the weather as it is so light. Whilst the print might not be for everyone I find that all of the colours are perfect for me so complement pretty much 90% of my wardrobe.




3. Hush camel scarf £59.00, the newest addition to my scarf wardrobe. I have been on the hunt for a plain camel scarf for a while, I love to wear my Jones Leopard print ballerinas (currently out of stock but similar here and here) and get the heeby jeebies when I reach for those and my normal scarves, I would like to be able to clash patterns but it just isn’t for me. This is on the pricier side but I had some John Lewis vouchers so that made it in line with Zara prices and it is 100% lambswool which I am happy to pay extra for. I predict you will probably become bored of seeing me in this quite quickly! This is currently out of stock online at hush but is available on the John Lewis website here and in stores.




4. Becksondergaard coral cashmere blend. This brand makes brilliant scarves, they are often printed, stars being one of their signature styles. I have a couple of these scarves but this plain one is my most reached for, it just brightens up any outfit and this colour looks good against my face. My wardrobe used to be devoid of colour, it was mostly filled with black and charcoal grey as this formed the basis of my working wardrobe. After the birth of my first little girl I found myself lost as I only felt confident in my work clothes, things I would not be wearing again for many years (they are still in a box in the loft though, I loved dressing for work and do have hoarding tendencies) so I decided to inject some colour into my clothing. I found that bright clothes particularly tops, just seemed out of my comfort zone but scarves were a different matter. So to those of you who are frightened of colour use a scarf to ease you out of comfort zone too.


What are your favourite scarves and why? leave me a comment at the bottom so we can swap scarf stories!

My top picks from Zara this season:


This years version of my scarf £19.99  for the reasons I outlined above this is a brilliant scarf, the colours are a little cooler than last year but the black and traditional green and reds make it a great choice for winter.




Zara leopard print scarf £17.99 Leopard print is an incredibly popular and versatile print, its classic colours complement many others so is a go to for me. For many leopard might be daunting and can to some be perceived as cheap (Bet from Coronation Street anyone?) but a leopard scarf, shoe or bag is a great way of weaving it into your wardrobe if you are just dipping your feet into this trend. Unhelpfully the Zara website doesn’t seem to give its dimensions but it is lovely and chunky.


Camoflage £19.99 Camoflage is another of my favourite prints and is very “on trend” this season with the fashion for military style clothes continuing. It is also huge at 100x200cm so you’ll be able to wrap it perfectly.














My definite purchase khaki plain £19.99 I am hitting the ordering button on this as we speak, there is a khaki scarf shaped hole in my wardrobe and this looks like it fits the bill perfectly, at a whopping 210×120 it ticks my colour and size boxes so needs to be mine. It also comes in plenty of other colours sure to tickle your fancy.




There are lots more Zara scarves I could show you but we’ve got other things we need to discuss so here is the link for the Zara scarves page should you want to head over there, once you have finished reading this post of course.

A new brand? Becksondergaard.


Some of you may have already heard of Becksondergaard but for others this may be a new discovery. They aren’t the cheapest out there but if you shop around you can get them at H&M prices, look out for them in the ASOS sale and also at TK Maxx where they are between £15 and £25. Here are my current top picks:

Light pink and grey : this is a great spring early summer colour combination, I can see it paired with grey skinny jeans, ankle boots and a charcoal oversized woolly jumper, it’s also a bargain and can be winging its way to you tomorrow courtesy of amazon prime, what’s not to love?


The dressing room is the UKs official Becksondergaard stockist and has a fabulous selection of their scarves and now bags too. The dressing room is a fab independent store stocking lists of niche brands and I believe if you sign up to their newsletter you get 10% off your order, it’s well worth a look at their website. I’ve currently got my eye on:





How to tie your scarf:


I tend to tie my scarves in two ways:




They are easy throw on styles, after all I’m a Mum in a hurry!

How to store your scarves:


So with an unabating scarf obsession how do I store them? I turned to pinterest and discovered lots of people using the Ikea komplement multi use hanger which I duly purchased and filled but with my long thick scarves it looked messy, too big to fit any where, and it was a little fiddly to tie them on (I am time poor, or is that lazy???) but is a great idea for those of you with short thin scarves. So on my very own I came up with the idea of using ikea hanging storage compartments. It seems like I’m not the only one with this idea. This is how my scarves look:


I quickly roll each scarf up and pop it in the pocket. They are hanging next to my coats so are easily seen and its perfect for grabbing a coat and a scarf before I fly out of the door! As you can see I have the floral pockets which are no longer available, the picky in me would much prefer plain but too many ikea trips (the meatballs made me do it) and my lifelong search for storage solutions have left me with an excess of these ones (I have two more that can be yours for the price of postage if you would like, just message me, better still if two of you want them I can finally justify my need for the plain ones!!!)

Lastly a major hint for those liking thinner scarves when you buy them in store they are coated with a wonderful substance that keeps them crease free and full looking but after a number of wears and certainly once they are washed this goes and no one likes a limp scarf so I iron and use spray starch, in a couple of minutes your scarf will be restored to looking brand new.

As always I would love to hear your comments or questions so please leave them below or email me at anna@theschoolrunstylesocial.co.uk.

Thanks for reading.

My top 5 tips for getting ready in a hurry.

So picture this….

Monday morning, its 7am…well lets be realistic as I love the snooze button, 7:15… you’ve got three children to feed, water, clean and get out of the house by 8:30 and you need to get yourself ready to face the day. Where at all possible I never get dressed quickly and come home and get changed, I am aiming for right first time, every time. That’s not to say that on my exercise days I don’t relish the opportunity to go up to school in my gym gear and spend the extra time drinking that much needed cup of tea.

1.My personal tactic is to get the children all dressed and sorted first, I need as much time horizontal as physically possible so getting up earlier to get myself ready does not appeal. So once the children are ready they get a treat of 30 mins cbeebies or in the case of the baby he loved spending the whole time this morning emptying the waste paper basket in my room.  As soon as the clock strikes 8 its over to me.

2. Know exactly what you are going to wear. There is no time for the systematic trying on of outfits and hanging them up on the floor that I would usually employ when getting dressed at the weekend. This is a military operation. I have an outfit board of much loved combinations that helps me on mornings where speed is the key. This piece of art justifies its on blog post, so more on that another day. So before you go to bed the night before spend 2 minutes deciding on your clothes for the next day. A top tip here is to check the weather forecast too, ballet pumps and 3 inches of rain is never a good look.

3. Keep it simple. A classic outfit of skinny jeans and a Breton is a school run staple. Personally I don’t want to look overdone, for me its not about dressing to catch attention, just to look and feel good. That said I don’t want to be too safe so i’ll add an eye catching scarf, a statement necklace or some statement shoes to show that extra attention to detail which makes me feel more pulled together and confident.

4. A quick make up routine. I’ll revisit this in more detail as its worth talking about fully but getting a pared down make up routine is really important. My morning basics are primer, concealer, foundation, blusher/bronzer, mascara and eyebrows. Then should you be going into work or meeting friends you can always add eye shadow or liner to intensify your look. Or if like me on many occasions you are heading home to catch up with your dear friends Matthew Wright or Phil and Holly you wont feel overdone but can rest assured you wont scare the postman away with your daily amazon prime delivery.

5. An awesome lipstick My most recent discovery, and definitely justifies its own position in my top five. Before you head out of the door splash on a lipstick or a gloss, and smile. I have been known to do this step whilst heading up the road so a gloss is always a good option for those of us without make up artist skills. I also keep a spare gloss in my pocket for just this occasion.  Every time, without fail when I have worn a coloured lipstick someone has commented on how I look. Who doesn’t love validation, especially from other women, who can after all be our harshest critics.

The school run can be a daunting place and many of us will still be settling into a new routine having had our babies start reception. I remember only too clearly when my eldest started school, we had moved town and knew no-one, all of the Mums seemed to have already made friendship groups and I felt quite isolated. But never one to be defeated I started catching the eye of and smiling at as many Mums as I could, I felt self conscious and maybe some of them though who the heck is she but you know what it paid off, a smile quickly turned to a good morning and now I have a brilliant circle of friends, some of which genuine life long friends that really enrich my families’ lives. If I had kept my head down who knows how different life would be.

That’s all from me.

Thanks so much for reading, if you have any questions, ideas, feedback, fancy a chat please contact me at anna@theschoolrunstylesocial.co.uk. Enjoy your day.



First of all let me introduce myself.

My name is Anna and this is the start of my blogging journey.

I am a mother of three with a love of all things clothing and beauty. I have spent my working life immersed in this industry but since having children I decided to take a step back and enjoy life as a Wife and Mother, a role I love am immensely grateful for. My interest in clothing has never diminished (although my budget has) but rather than dressing for work I have enjoyed finding wearable clothes on a budget that I can style quickly, so we can be out of the house enjoying life.

My second child has recently started school and I have got brain itch (a little like itchy feet but further north) so I began to think about my next step, as I’m still heavily absorbed by the mothering business I wanted to do something that would allow me to perform both roles well, which as many of you know is no easy thing. The holy grail, something that would fit in with the children, allow me to have my own outlet and that I would love. In steps my darling friend Sarah from Taming Twins  she uttered the immortal words “Why don’t you start a blog” and after a rather large amount of procrastinating well here I am.

Thanks for reading, please get in touch with me at anna@theschoolrunstylesocial.co.uk if you have any questions, thoughts, musings or anecdotes I would love to hear from you.



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