Make-up, my love of it and my fast five minute morning routine.

Evening, tonight’s post is about make-up, my love of it, and my fast morning make up routine.

The story of my make-up love affair.

My first taste of make-up:

If I’ve not told you before I love make-up. My love affair didn’t get off to the most auspicious start though. Aged around 11 I had a sleepover with a friend whose Mum was awesome, so she allowed us to delve into her make-up bag. I came home wearing an orange bourjois foundation, bright blue eyeshadow and pink blusher. As soon as I got home, the words “get that muck off your face” were uttered by my father. Looking back I would have been a fright but I felt great and everyone has to start somewhere right? From that day on I was a little obsessed by make-up. 

My make-up highs:

It was when I hit university that my make-up collection bloomed and my obsession grew. I felt that my student loan money was well spent on MAC eyeshadows and foundations. I had so many it was ridiculous, I would kill for that make-up bag now! My friends and I loved nothing more than starting to get ready three hours before we were due to leave, the primping, preening and make-up application were almost as much fun as the going out and certainly helped our friendships strengthen in those early days.  I’ve still got a couple of eyeshadows from my Uni days, especially the ones I wore for my graduation ball, they haven’t been used un a while but aren’t going anywhere (MAC Retrospeck and Romp). 

My make-up now:

The next major stage of my life was entering parenthood and whilst I have always worn make-up it was more needing to use it not to scare people than the love of the products. Fast forward to now and post baby three all of a sudden my passion has been reignited. I don’t quite know what did it, probably a quest to regain some of the focus on myself and an improved social life after six years of pregnancy, TTC and breast feeding.

I devour posts on Mrs Gloss and the Goss like they are going out of fashion. (If you don’t know what this is let me tell you about it, it is an amazing Facebook group, with a community of over 30,00 like minded supportive individuals all discussing make up, skincare and everything girly) A trip to my local Superdrug (also a recent discovery, some of the low cost drugstore brands they have are amazing!) features as regularly on my shopping trips as Aldi. Mrs Gloss has I suppose also become a little bit like my university friends all over again, If I want advice or opinions I now have hundreds of people to get ready with!

My 5 minute morning make-up routine:

So on to the good stuff. What make-up do I wear on a daily basis?

Well in the mornings time is precious so this is what I do, it takes 5, maybe 10 minutes maximum.

Step One:

After moisturising my face and my eye area, I have a cup of tea whilst it all absorbs, if you put your make up on too quickly it will be absorbed with the moisturiser and your make up coverage will be poor, patchy and it won’t last long. I only want to apply my make up once a day (unless I’m going out in the evening of course) I haven’t got time for touch ups galore.

Step Two:

Depending how my skin is feeling, and what I have on that day (i.e lunch out, something after school where I would like a more polished and longer lasting make up) I might use a primer, but often only on my cheeks where I suffer from open pores. Again, this should be given a little bit of time to sink in, I’m currently loving Maybelline Baby Skin or if I’ve had little sleep or need a perk up i’ll use this magic in a bottle Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, it can be used under foundation or even alone on days I’m in a rush or need little coverage.

Mabelline Baby Skin Make-up primer.

Step Three:

Eyebrows, mine are non existent, I’ve been having them tinted since I was sixteen. Last year I got fed up of it all so I had them micro bladed, they looked amazing at first but have sadly faded very quickly. So at the moment I am having to push some eye brow pomade NYX Tame and Frame in to them to make them stand out, and its vital that I don’t cover them with foundation otherwise they disappear completely. I really need to up my eyebrow game though!

Step Four:

Now I conceal under my eyes, I have terrible dark circles and can remember having them since puberty, no amount of sleep or water can reduce these babies. So I first use a colour corrective concealer Pixi Colour Correct dabbed on with my fingers, then once this has set I use a light reflective concealer Charlotte Tilbury the Retoucher in a v shape under my eye, lightly patted in with my beauty blender.

Step Five:

Next I apply Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, I use a dampened beauty blender and tap it into my skin, I don’t apply foundation under my eye area at all I just make sure it is all blended around that area to ensure there are no lines. 

Step Six:

I set my concealer with a pressed power dabbed on with a big fluffy brush. I’ll also put a small amount on my cheeks as it helps my blusher blend and stay put. Cheap and cheerful is fine with pressed powder, I use Rimmel Stay Matte.

Step Seven:

When applying blusher I imagine a line directly under my pupil down to the apple of my cheeks and apply from there across and blended up to my cheek bones. If I’ve time I’ll apply highlighter across the top of my cheekbones, forehead, nose and brow bone. My current favourite blusher is Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Cheek in colour First Love

Step Eight:

I apply a slick of mascara to the top lashes and a very small amount to the bottom ones. I’m currently using Boots No7 Extravagant Volume Mascara in Brown. I haven’t found my holy grail mascara so I would be grateful of any recommendations.

No7 Extravagant Volume Mascara.

Step Nine:

Finally, lipstick or gloss depending on the colour clothes I’m wearing and the time I have left. Lipstick is a little more time consuming as you need to be precise. Most days I reach for Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Lipstick in Bitch PerfectCharlotte Tilbury Kissing lipstick in Bitch Perfect.

And thats it out the door as fast as I can! I hope you found that useful. Next week’s post will be more of my favourite go to make-up products including cheap dupes for high end products. Be sure to check back for my next scintillating instalment!

Thanks for reading, as always please get in touch I’d love to hear your views and any tips you have for your School Run make-up.


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