How time flies.

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe its actually been 6 whole months since I last posted. Where on earth has that time gone, what have I been doing? Good question.

I’ll be honest I lost my mo-jo over the summer. It just upped and vanished and I’m not entirely sure its back but here I am. I’ve turned on the computer, loaded up wordpress, ¬†and I’m sat here writing, well waffling but its a start!

Autumn is my favourite fashion season. I love the warm rich colours and they generally suit me, so we are off to a winning start! In the Summer I don’t feel myself style wise, but wearing boots, jeans, a huge scarf and a cashmere jumper and I’ve found myself again. I think that’s whats making me want to write, to be able to immerse myself in all the things I love like a big huge blanket.

I’ve got a few changes planned to how I do things on the blog and instagram and I’ve got bags ideas of what I want to write and feature. I’m not going to make any promises on the number and frequency of posts I’m just going to feel my way. Sometimes the fear of failure stops me from starting wiring or makes me question my content. But on this occasion I’m going to write like no ones reading and just see where I take myself. Come and join me on my journey, we might all learn something!

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