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What I wore today – ok the 31st October!!


Anna Smith - Style Blogger - What I wore today

Ok so the Halloween banner gives the game away slightly, this clearly wasn’t today, I’ve been procrastinating for so long that I’ve taken until now to post it. So why have I posted it, well it was a seminal moment. I have been practising taking outfit post photos for quite a while now and they just were not what I wanted this was the first photo I took I was happy with so I couldn’t post it, its symbolic.


So what am I wearing from top to bottom:

M&S check scarf

Sainsburys TU jersey jacket – I only purchased this a couple of weeks back but its not showing on line. I’ll come back and add some similar items later.

M&S Orange Crepe Top

M&S Super Skinny Jeans (otherwise known as jeggings)

M&S Brown Suede Ankle boots.

Its been a very M&S heavy day today, is that a bad thing?

As always please let me know any of your thoughts or comments. All of my outfits are shown on my Instagram so if you aren’t already following me please take a look at the schoolrunstylesocial.


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