New Year….new post!

Happy New Year, is it still ok to say that 15 days later? Its been ages since I last posted, I’ve been concentrating on consistently posting on my Instagram…what am I saying, you all know its been Christmas and with three children getting organised is no mean feat, plus I wanted to enjoy some time with my husband and our self assembled family of friends. It was great, some wonderful times were had by all, there were also door slamming (them) tearing hair out (me) type moments, but this is social media so we should gloss over them eh??? I still can’t believe its all over, I’m behaving like a jilted girlfriend unwilling to let it go, much to the husbands displeasure the fairly lights have remained in the lounge plus some other prettiness in the kitchen. My eldest Daughter keeps saying “I wish it could be Christmas everyday” or is that me saying it to her? either way I’m grieving the loss of the family time, feel good films, lazy mornings and the food, oh yes the food; the chocolate, the cheese, the mounds of turkey, the puddings and the gin. Well this hasn’t gone completely but January has heralded my return to the gym and with it a little more self restraint on the food and drink front. The week before Christmas also saw the breaking of the ground on our new extension, phase 3 of 250 on our house renovation has begun. This alone is driving me to drink, not to mention all the cups of tea I am making for the builders means I am drinking more tea and a cup of tea without biscuits alongside is lonely…so all in all I am doomed on the dry January and dieting front, but its not all my fault, its circumstances isn’t it?

So after so long off, what am I doing going forward? Well my plan is to do a “Sunday Saviour” post which will feature my must have item for the week, and then on a Thursday publish a longer post which might be, a weekly outfit round up, an insight into my skincare/make up/hair routines, a look in my wardrobe, a shopping haul, my take on a new trend, the general musings of a shopaholic or any combination of the above. If you have anything at all you would like to see please comment below or use the contact page, I would love to read your ideas and add them into my schedule.

To complement my blog posts I will be posting five out of seven days a week on Instagram www.instagram/com/theschoolrunstylesocial so follow me there for outfit posts and snapshots of our family life. I also have a Pinterest page where I pin outfit ideas, and new purchases and my ever growing wish lists! If you are interested in reading more, or just seeing if I keep my promise of regular posting please subscribe using the form in the sidebar and my new blog posts will be delivered directly to your inbox.

Thanks for reading, its good to be back.


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