Sunday Saviour: 19.2.17 My Product of the week – Nail Varnish

So this week it’s all about my favourite nail varnish, in this case I am more or less 100% brand loyal which I can’t say is true in any other clothing or beauty related part of my life.

This is the first Sunday Saviour for a while as I’ve spent the last two weeks laid up with some freaky wonder bugs. I very rarely get poorly but these terrors knocked me right down and killed my blogging mojo. But I have to get right back on this metaphorical horse and today seemed the right day!

Nails – To use Nail varnish or not to use Nail varnish?

Any readers of Mumsnet will know that one of the most common questions on the style and beauty section is “How can I feel put together?” And generally the first answer is have well trimmed, non chipped, varnished nails. This is closely followed by having crease free ironed clothes, thats another story. I have to agree with the so called “nest of vipers” here and say their advice is pretty spot on.

Why do I use Nail Varnish?

I always feel that when I have my nails painted I look smarter, feel put together and confident. (I’ve been pondering on what exactly put together means and have failed to a total definition but I just feel it!) An example of this is I actually hate going out at night without my nails painted. I would go so far as to say I feel my whole outfit is ruined if I don’t have my nails done. It’s not in the slightest about people judging me but simply it improves my own self confidence. There is also no bloody way I could leave my house with chipped nails. I keep nail varnish remover in the car for such occasions. I am a slightly special case I will admit, this focus on the minutiae drives my husband to distraction but I can’t help it!

After I had my babies I didn’t have the time or energy to be bothered. There were far more important things for me to focus on. But once I began to feel more human one of the first things I did to feel more myself was sort my nails out. The baby weight was hanging on and my hair was falling out in handfuls but the simple act of painting my nails made me feel like I regained some element of my self. You might be thinking how vacuous and shallow of you, but to me the better I feel in my outward self the more confident I am, and in turn the better I feel in myself. This is inextricably linked, nothing can break my mental association with the two.

Professional job?:

So where do I go to get my nails done, a swish local salon, a nail bar? No I do them myself. I have had manicures galore and discovered shellac several years ago but I prefer to do them myself. The primary reason for this is that I change my mind so often! I wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes for two weeks running and the same goes for my nails. I know shellac can be painted over, but I can’t see the point, the nail varnish will only chip revealing the colour I was bored of!

A friend that had trained in beauty therapy showed me the correct way to paint my nails and even if I do say so they look pretty much the same as a salon job for free! To be fair its also a decent money saving, when I was younger an old boyfriend used to compare the price of everything into new tops for me. For example the price for new brakes on your car = six new tops, so the price of a shellac manicure = one top, well it would have been when I was 18 but now its about half a top, but if I had two shellac’s a month that would be a top. I would so rather have a new top then my nails painted twice, so this analogy still lives on today!

My favourite Nail Varnish brand:

So what is my favourite brand – its Rimmel, the simple old Hight Street favourite. I have tried lots of brands including Chanel, OPI, Jessica etc and I still prefer Rimmel. It beats them on staying power, speed of drying and price. I am time poor and hate sitting immobile waiting for my nails to dry so prefer their 60 second range. It dries super fast. I use two coats so I would say it needs 5 minutes to fully harden. The range of colours in the 60 second range are fab and they often bring out new seasonal colours. They are generally priced at £2.99 and are available at all the major drugstores like Boots and Superdrug where the whole Rimmel range is Buy one Get one Half price.  You can even pop them in your grocery shopping at most supermarkets.

More recently I have tried out their Super Gel range. This is slightly more expensive at £5.99 and is designed to be used in a two step process with their gel top coat. I haven’t bought the top coat but instead have been using Seche Vite. This is a fab product, I have it for the rare occasion I can’t find the right colour in Rimmel. You paint this over wet nail varnished it dries pretty instantly and makes it chip resistant. It’s perfect for nail varnish that you love but the formula isn’t quite right. Chanel is a case point, Rouge Noir (here) is amazing, but it chips in less than 24 hours!

My favourite bright Nail Varnish colours:

Going back to my point above about getting bored of a colour quickly,  my nails have to be co-ordinated with my outfits and I like a wide range of colours. So for example, I love navy, but if I was wearing something from the cream/camel/brown range of colours it wouldn’t go. Similarly if I was wearing a blue palette I just couldn’t have brown or green nails. The only near exception to this is coral. The caveat being if I was wearing orange, which I frequently do it would have to go! God its exhausting navigating this minefield!!! So these are the colours I use the most:

This for me is the prefect coral, this is pretty much on my toes all year round. It is also fabulous in the summer with a tan. I like to wear this with khaki, cream and browns.

coral nail varnish

This is a beautiful soft coral that looks amazing in the spring and summer. I would wear this with a simple cream top and jeans for a fresh girly look.

orange nail varnish

Its a bit of a marmite option I know but I love an orange nail. So bright and zingy. I love this with all brown, and with the combination of cream and olive or khaki.

My favourite dark Nail Varnish colours:


brown nail varnish

I’ve perhaps unsurprisingly struggled to find a brown nail varnish, but this one is great, I would personally prefer it without the sparkles but will admit it makes what could be a boring colour more interesting. I wear this with cream, camel and khaki.


navy nail varnish

I’m not a huge fan of sparky nail varnishes and this is a great high shine flat navy. I would wear this when I am wearing navy, peacock, kingfisher, denim and white.

Apologies for the terrible photo, this nail varnish isn’t available on the high street any more but you can buy it from amazon here, I love it! I tend to wear this in the autumn and winter when I am wearing creams, camel, brown and denim.

My favourite neutral Nail Varnish colours:

brown nude nail varnish

This is probably my favourite nude at the moment, you know that griege colour that has been so popular, well I can’t wear it due to its grey undertones but this is perfect. This wasn’t so easy to find but is online at Superdrug herenude nail varnish

This is a great classic nude for pale skin tones, perfect for conservative work environments or those days and occasions where you want to look groomed but toned down.

Also if you havent already check out Rimmel’s Quick Try On service on their website, its great. Click here to take a look. Once on the webpage click the “Try it on” button and you can see the nail varnish colours painted on a range of skin tones.

Well there are a multitude of other colours I could show you but I think that’s probably enough for now. I am a little obsessed with nail colours but at these prices it a vice I can afford to indulge! I hope you enjoyed reading, please leave me a comment below.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this post and hope to be back on Thursday, but its half term here and by then I could have my head buried in a vat of gin!!

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