My top 5 tips for getting ready in a hurry.

So picture this….

Monday morning, its 7am…well lets be realistic as I love the snooze button, 7:15… you’ve got three children to feed, water, clean and get out of the house by 8:30 and you need to get yourself ready to face the day. Where at all possible I never get dressed quickly and come home and get changed, I am aiming for right first time, every time. That’s not to say that on my exercise days I don’t relish the opportunity to go up to school in my gym gear and spend the extra time drinking that much needed cup of tea.

1.My personal tactic is to get the children all dressed and sorted first, I need as much time horizontal as physically possible so getting up earlier to get myself ready does not appeal. So once the children are ready they get a treat of 30 mins cbeebies or in the case of the baby he loved spending the whole time this morning emptying the waste paper basket in my room.  As soon as the clock strikes 8 its over to me.

2. Know exactly what you are going to wear. There is no time for the systematic trying on of outfits and hanging them up on the floor that I would usually employ when getting dressed at the weekend. This is a military operation. I have an outfit board of much loved combinations that helps me on mornings where speed is the key. This piece of art justifies its on blog post, so more on that another day. So before you go to bed the night before spend 2 minutes deciding on your clothes for the next day. A top tip here is to check the weather forecast too, ballet pumps and 3 inches of rain is never a good look.

3. Keep it simple. A classic outfit of skinny jeans and a Breton is a school run staple. Personally I don’t want to look overdone, for me its not about dressing to catch attention, just to look and feel good. That said I don’t want to be too safe so i’ll add an eye catching scarf, a statement necklace or some statement shoes to show that extra attention to detail which makes me feel more pulled together and confident.

4. A quick make up routine. I’ll revisit this in more detail as its worth talking about fully but getting a pared down make up routine is really important. My morning basics are primer, concealer, foundation, blusher/bronzer, mascara and eyebrows. Then should you be going into work or meeting friends you can always add eye shadow or liner to intensify your look. Or if like me on many occasions you are heading home to catch up with your dear friends Matthew Wright or Phil and Holly you wont feel overdone but can rest assured you wont scare the postman away with your daily amazon prime delivery.

5. An awesome lipstick My most recent discovery, and definitely justifies its own position in my top five. Before you head out of the door splash on a lipstick or a gloss, and smile. I have been known to do this step whilst heading up the road so a gloss is always a good option for those of us without make up artist skills. I also keep a spare gloss in my pocket for just this occasion.  Every time, without fail when I have worn a coloured lipstick someone has commented on how I look. Who doesn’t love validation, especially from other women, who can after all be our harshest critics.

The school run can be a daunting place and many of us will still be settling into a new routine having had our babies start reception. I remember only too clearly when my eldest started school, we had moved town and knew no-one, all of the Mums seemed to have already made friendship groups and I felt quite isolated. But never one to be defeated I started catching the eye of and smiling at as many Mums as I could, I felt self conscious and maybe some of them though who the heck is she but you know what it paid off, a smile quickly turned to a good morning and now I have a brilliant circle of friends, some of which genuine life long friends that really enrich my families’ lives. If I had kept my head down who knows how different life would be.

That’s all from me.

Thanks so much for reading, if you have any questions, ideas, feedback, fancy a chat please contact me at Enjoy your day.

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