First of all let me introduce myself.

My name is Anna and this is the start of my blogging journey.

I am a mother of three with a love of all things clothing and beauty. I have spent my working life immersed in this industry but since having children I decided to take a step back and enjoy life as a Wife and Mother, a role I love am immensely grateful for. My interest in clothing has never diminished (although my budget has) but rather than dressing for work I have enjoyed finding wearable clothes on a budget that I can style quickly, so we can be out of the house enjoying life.

My second child has recently started school and I have got brain itch (a little like itchy feet but further north) so I began to think about my next step, as I’m still heavily absorbed by the mothering business I wanted to do something that would allow me to perform both roles well, which as many of you know is no easy thing. The holy grail, something that would fit in with the children, allow me to have my own outlet and that I would love. In steps my darling friend Sarah from Taming Twins  she uttered the immortal words “Why don’t you start a blog” and after a rather large amount of procrastinating well here I am.

Thanks for reading, please get in touch with me at anna@theschoolrunstylesocial.co.uk if you have any questions, thoughts, musings or anecdotes I would love to hear from you.



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